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he is the wind - meet KAZE

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how to impress you here quickly...

korean guy ships his royal enfield to chile, rides it throught the south america to alaska. 

if that's not impressive - you are dead, we'll continue without you


:) meet kaze 

this fella is not new to long rides on 'questionable' bikes. questionable for most of you out there. he has done europe - starting east in vladivostok, ending west in portugal on his 125cc sym wolf!

one cannot put a bigger check mark on an achievement of such proportions.

as monumental as it gets. he called that trip JUST GO ver(sion) 1

it took him 6-7 months for that monster of a trip. all the credits to him for that one.

i mean look at it! vladivostok to lisbon. come ooooon!

i hope you start to sense who we are dealing with here

JUST GO version 2

this blog is about enfields so let's talk about the trip he is currently on.

he calls is JUST GO ver2, featuring his royal enfield classic 500, named Furiosa :)


at this point south america is done. he left seoul, south korea around july 2017,

shipped the bike to chile, (cost him a small fortune as he said) and the big trip started.

it took him around 7 month-ish to get up here to NYC where we met

he managed to rack around 10,000km riding back home in south korea.

so it takes a person 35,000km to get up to nyc from chile, down to the most south point and back up. his odometer showed impressive 45,000km (around 28,000 mi) when i met him

kaze arrived. my phone beeps and i see a message on fb 'i'm here'. i glanced out of the window and there he was. dude on enfield, across the street, lighting cigarette like a boss. i found out it was from his stash still from mexico. cheap ones. he was in shock to buy cigarettes for 10-12 bucks in NY :D

i offered him to stay for few days, relax, fix the bike. and all that time we talked about were bikes and riding mostly of course. then insert beer. and talks about dreams and chasing them.

in slovakia we have a thing. we offer bread and salt to a rare visitor. it is an ancient slavic custom from the time of the Great Moravian Empire, still done today for special occasions

i have a rare visit. but i'm not in slovakia. we are in new york so i greeted my guest with delicious pizza :D and beer.