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the (hi)story

One trip to Nepal and I was hooked 
it took one unexpected trip to fall in love :)
it was an amazing trip to nepal and… it was love.
it was love at first (electric) start :)
around the time when me and my friend planned this trip, i lived in manhattan long enough that i stopped to be scared of the roads here. and you can trust me - it's insane. but if you can ride a bike here you can ride bike anywhere :)) it should be a song. so finally i was able to imagine myself riding the roads of gotham and the mind got filled with the 2 wheeled day-dreaming 
trip to nepal doesn't need extras. just to be there is one big experience. BUT there is one thing one could do - how about renting a motorcycle! i found some websites doing rentals there and i saved me a picture of one 'cool looking bike' on my phone. some royal something something. the brand meant nothing to me, never heard of it. just liked how it looked. liked it very much
and… that one trip kind of never ended. i got back to NY and the memories of riding the purple beast in Pokhara were stuck in me. i could not forget the fun riding it, the sound of the engine, the joy.
what does one do then?
the only prescription for this fever was (no, not cowbell) - to get one!
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