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today's review pick - hands!


we love our enfields, of course. but hey, it doesn't have to shake you to the bone. but it does.

i'm sure i'm not the only one who  spent lot of time thinking about how to reduce the vibrations


i tried to go about it logically. there are three contacts we have with the bike. the hands, the feet and your butt. the feet are the least of our problems. you have your boots on, all good. tho there are people who mention vibrations in the footpegs. could be the new bikes while still in break-in period. takes a bit time, will go away. then your butt - but we sit on a huge cushioned seat. that's a no issue.


so what's left? the hands. our dear hands gripping on those hard and too thin (in my opinion) stock handlebar grips. the grips is the spot where you get all the shaker experience from.

and i have plenty of experience when my hands after a long(er) ride felt like the x-ray photo above.

i was researching the ways how to lower the vibrations generally. the most important is to take a good care of your bike.


- the chain (big source of vibrations if not lubed properly, if too loose or too tight)

- handlebars with weight ends help a lot etc. thanks to RE for delivering bikes with those already


if don't have any more ideas how to actually smooth the bike itself more and your ridine preference is still 'not shaken, please' - then my approach was - make it less 'feel-able'


after little research i found the solution right in my backyard. well, a company based in NY. measurements were made, order was placed and voila - look what i got!

meet the original grip buddies! the thing you will love to grip, yessir :))


it's an absolutely simple design. you get two 'squares' of the material with guide how to and a lollipop you enjoy while doing the upgrade. the buddies have a velcro on them to connect them. you 'glue' one side of the buddy onto the handlebar and stretch that thing around till it connects and velcroes together. done, go ride now, thank me later. 




you know that underneath that foam it's still shaky, the bike vibrates as before. but to a different extent for all of us - it's an enfield thing. you know it or will find out soon. there are no two enfields alike out there.


 BUT those vibrations going throught that soft material - the hand hurting vibrations are gone, my friend. it's like somebody slapping you with the big mickey mouse glove. you know you were slapped but it's kind of fun.  and it doesn't hurt. 



this is the lowest cost upgrade with the biggest impact on your riding comfort



to my hands the original grips were too thin. i think that was causing it's own half of the problems. the hand was just wrapping around the grip too weirdly, too much, in a weird cramp-y way. especially when being out on a long trip. ask me how i know :D 


 the grip buddy will thicken the grip into a very comfy hold (for me)


PLUS: i spoke to the inventor Dave from Original Grip Buddies, LLC and we remeasured the enfield classic model handlebars to find the best fit. as you can see on my image above, i ordered the buddies little too short on each side. this time it will be easy - he promised to put Royal Enfield category on his website, so it's an easy ordering for you, bulleteers


get it, your hands will thank you 


link:  go to ordering button and you'll see royal enfield there.



wish you a SMOOTH RIDE, my friends!



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