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Visiting ROYAL ENFIELD in Vienna

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When in Vienna... you know it goes. We love the schnitzels, the pretzels, the Vienna coffees with whip cream, the apfelstrudels, the 'straassen', the beautiful architecture, parks, museums, operas...

But do you know what's else Vienna has? After London, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Delhi, Milwaukee, Dubai and several other metropolises - Vienna has a Royal Enfield Flagship Store / dealership as well. The store was opened in 2017. 

photo by: Tanja Schmidt

If I would not visit this place, you'd be asking me 'What an ambassador are you, bruh'... Don't you worry, I would have never skipped this visit. I went there because I HAD TO. It is my calling, I had to see it and to say hi. 

Nice little trip on one train from center of Vienna, maybe 30-ish minutes on a tram, while I took million photos from the window.

Tho the introduction of the Royal Enfield brand happened in 2017, that is just a cherry on top of a cake. The Hebart business is the longest operated motorcycle business in Vienna. That tag line goes perfect with the 'longest operated motorcycle brand in the world' :) It was meant to be.

 Sport Hebart was founded in 1947 by Mr. Hebart. Today the company is owned and operated by Marion and Heribert Michlmayer. 

The store is - Royal Enfield. The brand has a theme, the theme is beautiful and individual stores I was lucky to see sofar - adhere to the same look but in their own way and layout. 

It does give you the feel that you are coming to 'the known'. To the brand, and what you get in Mumbai or London or Bangkok or Milwaukee - comes from the same source. 

You came to the shop of the oldest 'living' motorcycle company that rose from an underdog, from a complete niche, love of the 'few' to a world phenomenon that started to shake the foundations of the motorcycle industry. If it's not your cafe - I won't change your opinion. 

Call me biased... I call myself in love with the brand and the bikes. It is my cup of coffee and the cup is bottomless. There is not enough Enfield in my life :D 

In this place, as is a standard for any of these flag ship stores - you get your bikes, you get your professional service here, you get your swag that comes with the bike. I REALLY love what Enfield does here. If you purchase a beautiful Classic - please don't get a Valentino Rossi full face helmet. 

GO WITH THE THEME! You purchased a piece of history, get a swag that makes you 'one' with it. And that's what I mean. They have gorgeous, vintage-y, looking helmets, t-shirts, jackets, shirts, gloves and even boots. You don't have to be full Enfield but - you won't leave that store saying that you didn't have a choice.


I actually don't remember who greeted me first. I got a warm welcome from the owner and from the cutest assistant ever. Mrs Marion was in the store behind the counter, and next to the counter was - Hunter :)

Mrs Marion was busy and I was actually on my way to the airport so time was precious. But I had to ask for a photo together and I did ask about the most sold motorcycle. It was - the Classic :)

MAKES SENSE. Imagine to ride in Vienna on a beautiful Royal Enfield Classic. Doesn't get better than that to thump around that beautiful city next to the centuries old architecture. Maybe one day I'll be that lucky. 

I was told that the business is good, they are busy, they love the brand and the Wieners do to. I do hear this pretty often. As one dealer in New York put it - the bikes sell like hot cakes.  

Mrs and Mr Michlmayer, thank you for your time, I wish you the best in your business! Sell those beautiful hot cakes! :D 

That's it. Enjoy the rest of the gallery and if you live there or plan to visit - say hi from me.


See you on the road!


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