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HOOTOO Tripmate Elite TM06

for the traveling photographer 
without laptop 

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today's review is about... how to save photos without laptop.

maybe you are like me. the need to obsessively shoot when out with your two wheels. we all want to come back home with some nice photos, right? and when i add doing some videos on

my trips - the memory card is just smokin' how it cannot keep up with me :)

on the big(ger) rides - i'm guilty. i do bring the laptop. still. on a one day trip ride - i don't need anything special. the camera, one extra battery, one extra memory card - just in case. and i'm golden. 

but sometimes i'm in a pickle. send me away for a 2-3-4 day ride and i'm in that pickle jar.

i won't drag a laptop for that. i don't have enough memory cards for that. (but they do get cheaper, it's almost amazing what these things cost few years ago)

what can you do? you do hooootooooo :)

you download their free app for your phone and that's how you control this baby 



and then you can:

1) share files wirelessly or stream movies on your device

2) external battery pack 6000mAh

3) USB devices wall charger with 2 inputs

3) travel router

but i purchased it mainly for the following function

4) usb hub (up to 4 devices)

points #1 , #2 and #3

are clear. movies on your hard drive, plug it in, create a wifi connection to your phone or ipad and wifi-stream it on your device. same for photos.

and 6000mAH charging gets a do-over to your phone like 2-3 times.

wall charger with 2 plugs to charge your phone and gopro at the same time while

charging the hootoo itself 

point #3

when you are in a hotel/motel and they have internet connection - sometimes it is only wired.  

can happen but actually never happened to me in any hotel yet. or they have wifi

but that can be unprotected (no password at all). hootoo helps here. plug the ethernet cable into hootoo and create your own wifi connection and you don't have to sit at the table.

or connect through hootoo to the unprotected wifi and create your own

with your user name and password. you know 'wildrider' with password 'badtothebone' type of thing

hootoo phone app tripmate.jpg



let us focus on the special feature. the usb hub part 

so what is it and how does this help you on the road?


how about this. the choice: a laptop in a backpack

or this little thing in your pocket ( the reality is bit different, keep on reading)

the real setup needed to back up your photos is a bit wire-y as you can see below. but there are various ways how to connect it all. you can find better hubs or card readers etc in order to cut down on the wire clutter. this is it for me for now

hootoo has two plugs for USB. two functions - both of them can charge your devices. one with 1A speed and one can do it with the 2.1A speed for fast charging.

but only one of these handles the connected drives / memory cards through an USB hub.

you plug all the parts, drives, cables into each other, turn the app on, connect phone to hootoo

wifi network and use the app for the rest. images of the app below

you choose the file/folder icon and you will see the connected up to 4 drives. i didn't try that, let's focus on one hard drive and one memory card from a camera. you can browse the folders, select folder or files you want to cope or move and point to the drive and folder it should be copied to. 

done, let it work. 

and below you can see the results of copying 64GB of photos from a 64gb sandisk card.

- it took 67minutes. let's round it to ' it took an hour'

- it used 13% of my iphone energy 

- it didn't take even one bar from the hootoo battery, all 4 lights still on

(the 5th blue light is the wifi signal light)

if you are camping - find some nice flat surface where you won't kick into the backing up hootoo

setup and while the precious ones and zeros are being copied - you can start to boil water for the ramen noodles dinner :)


well - is this anything you could use? let me know if yes, no, why or what do you use

what i wish for

if hootoo will read this - here are two points to make this VERY cool device to be 

unbeatable by the competition

1. no hub needed for 2 external devices 

if people want to use more than 2 drives they can get the hub.

but if both of the USB ports would recognize a plugged in drive... uff, i would get goosebumps from excitement. less cables to worry about, one port for the backup drive

and second port for the card reader - all a traveller needs

2. this is a big one... USB 3.0

the speed of usb 3 is just amazing. 1 hour copying now would be cut down to around 15 minutes.

and the hootoo internal battery would be used less, hence last longer.. super mega win


this device will work only when you format your harddrive to a PC friendly format. drives with Mac formatting won't be recognized. have one dedicated drive for this with FAT formatting and you are good to go for PC and Mac. 

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