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the EBC of better braking (get it?)

- replacing the brake pads -

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Sorry for that snarky start but yes. If you used up the old pads on beautiful rides with your Twin or just want the best from the start, willing to ditch the original brake pads - big chances are that you will get the EE BEE CEEs :) It's one of the cheap/best upgrades you can do for your horse. We talk about an upgrade worth around 75ish bucks. 


9 out of 10 reviews or forum posts about this topic - people choose the EBCs. And so did I :)

If you want to follow this trend and want to upgrade your Interceptor or Continental, look for these:

FA209/2HH for the front wheel

FA213HH for the rear wheel

Links for the pads on Amazon

(it's an affiliate link, if you purchase it through me, I get little reward for coffee or gas - THANK YOU)



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The recipe first, then the photos.

1. take out the clip(s); 1x on front caliper, 2x on rear caliper

2. take out the pin

3. that frees the pads, pull them out


- use anything to pull out the clips. screwdriver, puncher, nail... I used needle pliers

- use anything thin and long enough to push the pin out

- the pads will come out easily, just pull them out


Now the 'issue' is, the new pads are thicker than the old used ones. In order to fit them in, you must push the caliper pistons back in. The easiest way is to have the calipers off the wheels. It is easy on the front wheel, little bit more work with the rear wheel.


For the front: remove the two 13mm bolts and the caliper slides out. Lay it down on something in a similar height as when mounted, so the cables are not stretching too much and you can comfortably work on it. Now you need to push the pistons back into the body more. It can be done if you keep the old pads inside and just use a screwdriver between the pads to push the calipers back inside.


TRICK: I'm using, if the pads are already out. I use a clamp (doesn't have to be that big one) and a straight piece of metal that would 'touch/cover' both cylinders. I place the clamp in the middle and start slowly pushing the pistons back inside. Any method you choose, do it gently, equal pressure, slow. 


In case you have that caliper out - it's a good opportunity to give it a simple cleaning. Remove the pads and the whole caliper body then can be sprayed with a brake cleaner. Use a tooth brush to softly clean the inside, to get any dust and dirt off. 

- front caliper -

- rear caliper -

I'm sure you got this done, now you deserve that beer. Or go ride first and test the brakes, then the beer ;)

PS. if you have any questions - drop a line


See you on the road!

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