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eagleridering it 

in california

rented fun on 

hd sportster custom 1200

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close your eyes and imagine that your only 'problem' is - where to ride that rented harley in california :)

sweet, right? well, we picked going north. if you want to see how that went, check the video below

to get a taste of how the californian freedom'n'fun feels

California on Harley Sportster 1200, Eagle Rider rental

California on Harley Sportster 1200, Eagle Rider rental

the time of the year again. i fly to california to do a job but before i let it all start and we all serious - i put few days aside to rent a bike and ride with my buddy.

the convenience of the eaglerider to the LAX airport is amazing. it's a 10 min ride on the cab.

the only 'issue' i have with this is - should i fly super late night flight from NY to get super early morning landing in LA and start the day early but tired as a dog? or fly sooner, motel or hotel it to get a good night sleep and fresh as one can be - go pick up that harley, slovak!

there were more choice at some point at eaglerider. i remember some bmw gs bikes offered, i remember triumph tiger being there, and i rented bonneville before. these days some deal

must have been struck and 9.5 out of 10 bikes are harleys. 

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