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in New York City

meeting new enfield people on my Interceptor

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Here we go again. It's may, it's Sunday - the 22nd to be exact. And if you are a biker, you know what to do. It's the time to pull that fine suit off the hanger, put a tie on and head out to meet the other well dress crazies on two wheels who meet for a common good - to ride at your local Distinguished Gentleman's Ride event, aka the DGR.

The DGR (copied from their website) unites classic and vintage style motorcycle riders all over the world to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health.


I did this few times before, I have to say it leaves a lasting impression on you. In NYC - the number is around 1000. It's said they topped off the registrations around 1000 riders because... well imagine 1000 bikes riding through NYC on a Sunday  :))))) If you cannot, you are in the same situation as the drivers and tourists and locals who are going about their day, wanna cross a crossing, get on another side of this or that street and - out of blue a member of the blue - NY cop will zip by on a motorcycle and stops you from driving, bicycling, walking across the road and then - 1000 bikes rides by :D  I have to say, it must take a while till all of us pass by. Lot of people enjoyed it, took videos, photos, waved - but there were some not so amused individuals lol. Ah yay, it's only once a year, it's all good. 


Buddy Diego lives the furthest :( He agreed to wake up the earliest and start the 'pick each other up' ride. 7.30am at my place, dressed great to match that white GT. I dig his 'sense' to match the bike. Not many people have that or do that. Diego is synced with his machine :D 

He picked me up, we rode there under the shade of the J,M,Z subway - I love it. It's very Brooklyn, very off-road (potholes and cracks size of moon craters)... just love it.

First time ever - well second time ever - I organized a little meetup with new riders even to me.

New faces that started to pop up on Instagram with their new beautiful shiny versions of the twins. My two friends with Himalayans were away on trips so we missed those cool machines in our group. 

But our group was amazing - not one 'copy cat' :) Different bikes with different paintjobs, what a beautiful gang. As you can see.


After the early morning meet up, hand shakes, few coffees and photos - it's time. Kickstands up and we are heading to the location of the DGR start. It was at/around the beautiful Grand Central Station in NYC. Nobody was sure where exactly. Right in front of it? 1000 bikes? HOW! Lol or like last time on the viaduct. That was the more possible option but we didn't know, who cares, let's go. 

I had to lead - which I hate to do lol BECAUSE - then I cannot take photos of my 'flock'. All motorcycles ride behind me so as the first goose of the flock - not much photos there. Only here and there when we stopped and I had the chance to turn around :) Judge it for yourself.