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 LA to NY on 1970 mz es250/2

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it's a lovely day out there, 7pm, i'm flatlining in NY subway. going home from a shoot

squeezed out like a florida orange and just imagining the bed with me in it

then i get a very short text from my friend who knows that i hunt for good stories, interesting people for my blog. all it said was:

'LA to NYC danish man'

i needed nothing more to wake me up. but the following text 

'he is leaving upstate ny tmrw' made it clear that i have a choice to make -

A) bed waiting for me or B) screw that, hop on hemingway

and ride towards the gotham sunset to meet this guy

 since you are not reading a blog post about me sleeping, you might have guessed what happened. let's ride, slovak is on a mission!

got kim on the phone and he kindly agreed to meet up for a bit.

i packed few lenses, hopped on hemingway and we rode to my meeting

kim was where he said he would be. i parked hemingway across the street from him while looking at the people talking to him already. i was thinking i don't want to bug him and his friends much but... gotta snap few photos!

the reality was - his bike, much like hemingway, gets a lot of attention. well, i'd say his bit more :))

it's a beautiful looking and rare thing in these regions. people want to check it out and the talkative ones wanna talk about it :)


kim is apparently not new to this. he writes a blog about his rides and this was not his first rodeo in the states neither. plus he did japan too but on a different bike.

(links to kim's blogs are at the end of the post)

we are talking here about an accomplished rider guy here.

AND he is ready for people like me :D he knows the value of a good trip. why 

repeating every time the same answers to the same questions. he opened that beautiful

czechoslovak trailer, reached in and whipped out a nice folder with cool photos of 

him and his bikes

note: the lady in red pants is a lucky charm on the inside of the trailer door :)