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aka how to get the enfield
you always wanted

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all of us have that dream. we dream about how to make our bike just tiny bit stronger. just tiiiny bit faster. it's almost the same as the search for the holy grail. is it a myth? possible?

is it REAL? :))))


i absolutely enjoy the moment when i have a bike conversation with somebody and the HP comes up :D the number 27 makes people stare at you in disbelief. and laugh :) i laugh with them.

so what to do about this...

option 1

there are expensive 'big-bore' kits but then you are getting literally a new enfield rocket to enfield standards; versions 535cc or 615cc


option 2

there is the what they call 'performance kits' using the power commander computer thing (some versions add

more costs to the deal by purchasing a specific exhaust, spark plug, air filter etc.



option 3 - THE MAGIC option

 19tooth front sprocket

under $60 plus a gasket and the oil you have to change (or reuse)

i guess you got it which of those options is the one i will recommend to the common folk. it could be one of the easiest 'serious' work you could do on your enfield and... CHEAP! it is an option that will transform your beloved bike plenty enough.

talking cheap

- $89 at classic motorworks guys (link)

- £36 (tax included) at hitchcocks motorcycles, our british brothers (link)

(the total was $66 from hitchcocks with tax, shipping and 3 right side cover gaskets; i try to stock up with things)

to be fair: you might need to add price of the gasket for the right side cover and the six pack of your choice to sip on while getting the job done.

now to the point

i used the word 'magic' on purpose. magic is illusion. the bike won't get stronger. i think it's not THAT MUCH faster either. what it does is - it becomes a different ride. 

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