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Konnichiwa, JAPAN!

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If you think I will travel and without checking for a Royal Enfield dealer or store in the country / city / town where I'm traveling to - you don't know me. I check the Enfield store locations even before I know the leaving date for any of my trips :D 

Visiting Japan... uff. I cannot wait to fly, to see the country, eat the food, meet the people...


And see some bikes ;) Let's go!


After completing all the visits and errands that had to be done, it's finally the day for my visit to the my Royal Enfield Show Room in Suginami City, 40min train ride north-west-ish from Shibuya. The train ride there was already exciting, I was looking forward to this very much. To you it might be 'a store visit' but to me, it's visiting what I know and love the most but in a different country. It's the 'same same but different' kind of thing. 

As we approached, Google Maps indicated that it was just one more corner until we see the destination. I turned that corner and saw a young man with a helmet on. Instead of just being patient and 'scouting the area', take it all in, I immediately run towards him, greeted, and asked if he was buying or trying :)) Straight to the point. Camera ready.


He was there to try the bikes out, very much interested in the Interceptor. BUT -constrained by Japanese regulations, his options were limited to the Classic, Hunter, or Meteor. In Japan you can't simply jump engine sizes. You have to start from small and work your way up. Seeing him getting ready for a test ride, I really regretted not bringing my helmet. That was a mistake. But there will be another time. Trust me ;)

My new Enfield friend said that he is a 'car freak' but wanted to get into the bikes and liked the brand. He asked if I was a bike freak. YES, I am lol. I love that term. And it was more than apparent - I had a Scram t-shirt, RE hat :))) I dressed for this. 


The showroom had every model released sofar. Except for the Super Meteor, every other model was there for you to try: the Classic, Meteor, Hunter, Scram, Himalayan, INT(erceptor), Contintental GT. 

You call the store to plan a visit and they'll be ready for you. Their only requirement is: bring a helmet and gloves and you're good to go. 

The store represents the brand. It's the same vibe, similar details as all the other stores I visited, just done in their own way. I could actually pitch something here to RE. Why don't you use some local artists to create some piece(s) that are specific to your location/state/city/town while inspired by the brand? Could be cool. Give them one wall and showcase some pieces ;) 


All the accessories examples - that's the goodies and swag that goes along with the brand. From boots, gloves, helmets, gloves, amazing T-shirts to luggage, bike accessories or the beatiful miniature model toys. It definitely shows to the new potential rider the scope of 'where they can put their money' after purchasing the bike :) 


One gentleman was there trying out the machines and I was told that he was very impressed. He came on his BMW. He was saying that with getting older, he kept thinking to switch or add something smaller to his riding. He was absolutely thrilled with the feel and sound of the engines. I saw him jumping from the Classic, to the Twins. But I think he 'got it'. Exactly the feel of a new rider who can appreciate what the machines offer. Total joy riders. With abundance of style.