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i managed to put aside little bit ot time for hemingway and went to meet a very cool gentleman, biker to the bone, author of an upcoming book Discovering the Motorcycle, Armand Ensanian


thanks to my friend i got in contact with son of armand, who invited me to the meetup. they were shooting some more photos for his book. below is me and the author, armand ensanian. and we park anywhere, eat that no parking sign. and disregard my mad hair, focus on his cool mustache :)

armand is working on this for some time already, i was told 6 years in making at this point. that’s some devotion. good projects take time. armand was there with his family and friends, young crowd on their bikes, having good time and that’s what it is about. if we don’t ride, we meet, or meet when ride. and just yap about the bikes 24/7 with your buddies. never get’s old. so they all met here in brooklyn, invited people and everybody had a camera, so i felt right like at home

danny, his son, told me, the book will be from the beginning of invention of wheel.. no, not that far :) no cavemen inventing stone wheels. sometimes around from the time when some smart guy who had bicycle decided to mount a motor on it. we might never know if it was done to be faster because of work (maybe a postman), to be faster because of ones ego, to beat all his buddies on bicycles or just to impress the ladies. lot of books stick to one topic, either brand or riding style. armand is frying a bigger fish - just a plain history of motorcycles

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